Giusy D’Arrigo was born in Paris, on 18th October 1970. She grew up in Paris and spent her youth in touch with some French artists whose inspiration was The School of Fontainebleau. She specialized attending both the studies at Ville Lumiere and those by the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris. She then lived in Sicily for a while, till she moved to Rome.  She lives and works in Rome now.

Her first works of art were shown in Paris at the Salon de Printemps, at some boulevards and ateliers too.

Her pieces as painter and sculptress were objects of interest of many international events during the last years. She has dedicated the travelling exhibit  “METAMORFOSI” to her beloved brother Angelo D’Arrigo ( dead in 2006), who was a world-known champion of free flight. The Exhibition took place in some of the most important cities of the world: Buenos Aires, New York, Los Angeles, Milano and Rome.

She is a strong supporter of the environment. She is active in cooperating for its preservation through the widespread  of important eco-friendly messages on Italian main TV channels as RAI.

Nowdays, D’Arrigo is very keen in safeguarding human and natural balances and she loves to involve new generations, raising their awareness on these issues. 

The destiny of our planet is unfortunately strictly connected to those balances, and it is a must to take care of it, not a choice! For this reason, D’Arrigo  inspired the Artist Giuseppe Rogolino (who’s the creator of the CONNESSUS Program), the International project NETHARS. Work in progress for both of them still!

In October 2013, her unique Exhibition “ Spiral life” took place in New York-Soho, handled by Francesca Verga, President of  Women’s forum of Italy-America Chamber of Commerce. A catalogue of the D’Arrigo’s works of art, printed by the Editor Armando Curcio,  has been distributed to the main Italian bookshops.

Her pieces now belong to many private collections. A team of neurologists, guided by Fabrizio Vinci, creator of the Neuro-Esthetic Science, is studying her work of arts, as they are based on the philosophical principle that thinking becomes colour and colour turns back into thought. 





Ecole “froment”  (Parigi)

Galleria “Le Point Cardinal” (Parigi)

Salon de Printemps  (Parigi)

Selezione di Artisti Italiani Contemporanei 125 della scuola di Barbison  (Parigi)

Mostra d’Onore al Museo della Città e Hotel de Ville  (Parigi)

Galleria “L’Arte”  (Pesaro)

Palazzo della Provincia  (Messina)

Galleria “FirstArtGallery”  (Siracusa)

Galleria “ Conca D’Oro”  (Messina)

Galleria “ Li.Art”  (Palermo)

Galleria “Aedes”  (Rieti)

Galleria “Casa d’Italia”  (Toronto)

Presentazione alla Mont Claire State University  (Verona-New Jersey)

Biblioteca Comunale Lions Club  (Agrigento)

Fondazione “Mazzullo”  (Taormina)

Istituto Arte Internazionale  (Cagliari-Roma)

ModenaDesign  (Buenos Aires)

Empire State Building  (New York- Istituto Italiano di cultura)

Museo Leonardo da Vinci (Milano)

Beverly Hilton (Los Angeles)

Museo di Castel Sant’Angelo  (Roma)

Biblioteca Comunale (Palermo)

Università della Calabria  (Cosenza)

Energheia  (Installazione Teatro Greco Taormina)

Museo dell’Ara Pacis   (Roma)

Biennale  (Ca Giustinian-Venezia)

Camera di Commercio Itay of America - Business e Cultural Award – New York (bronzo a Letizia Moratti)